Oil Filtering & Oil Replacement for Deep Fryers

Big Ben Services offers solutions to fryer management problems faced by commercial kitchens.

  • Kitchens are trying to reduce OH&S risks to their staff. Hot frying oil is a hazard in the kitchen. Having Big Ben Services manage the cleaning of the fryers and filtering of the oil reduces your OH&S risks
  • Oil is an expensive consumable that has a limited life span. Crumbs, salt and other impurities introduced to the oil by cooking reduce the life span of the oil, necessitating frequent oil changes. Big Ben Services saves you money by filtering impurities out of the oil in order to extend frying life.
  • Oil filtering and cleaning is a labour intensive task. Big Ben Services replaces the staff needed to clean fryers and filter the oil. Our filtering system saves labour costs and staff time.
  • Food quality is greatly affected by the condition of the oil. A regular fryer service performed by Big Ben Services will ensure high quality product output.
  • Big Ben Services can also supply cooking oil at very competitive prices, saving customers from ordering and storing an expensive consumable.